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With energy consciousness on the rise and the threat of climate change at the front and center of our environment priorities, the market share for polyisocyanurate continues to grow. In response to that demand, Hunter Panels was founded in December of 1997.

We are the first start-up company to enter the Polyiso industry since 1975, and we do so with a particular mission: to distinguish ourselves as a proactive entrepreneurial manufacturer and a leader in the marketing of our product line. As a stand alone manufacturer, we are focused singularly on that purpose. We have brought together a team of industry professionals who know Polyiso inside and out and who care about being technically proficient and customer driven. Quality is a mantra at Hunter Panels.

Hunter Panels serves the North American market with seven, state-of-the-art polyisocyanurate manufacturing facilities located in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Utah and Washington. 

Remember to call Hunter Panels whenever you need an informed, fast, and friendly answer. “Whatever It Takes” is our motto, and we take it seriously.